The Hyundai Motor Company: Organizational Overview

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THE PORTFOLIO PAPER [Student name] [Instructor name] HYUNDAI INTRODUCTION Hyundai is a great player in the automobile industry. The company was found in 1967 in South Korea. The company has multibillion dollar sales every year and it sold one million vehicles in 2003 alone. Choong Ho Kim and is currently the CEO of the company and Gap Han Yoon is the Co-CEO. ASSESS CURRENT ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN STRUCTURE The Korean culture is very evident in the Hyundai company. The company does not believe in concentration of power in few hands like western organizations rather businesses are internally integrated and networked so that everybody is connected and no one is the only manager rather traditional CEO post and a somewhat untraditional Co-Chief Executive Officer too. The company works in many countries where there are country managers. Hence, the management is a mix of focused and decentralized structure. ORGANIZATIONAL INPUT Like many other hard working Korean businesses, the company believes in contributing through hard work. The Hyundai workers are habitual in working late. Once the production or sales target is set; the employees would achieve it by any means (Helping Hyundai drive to greater effectiveness, 2013). Besides the hard work, the excessive knowledge of manufacturing and production is also trademark of Hyundai. The Hyundai has human resource that is skill full, determined to work hard and is knowledgeable. ORGANIZATION PROCESS The company acquires latest
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