The I Am An Immigrant

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Mr. Board Chair... Colleagues and Friends. I am an immigrant. Three years ago, I recounted my story as an immigrant to this great nation, of how I became a successful family physician, and of the great sacrifices by my family and especially my father in helping me to get here. Today, again I stand before you. I 'd like to tell you my story as a digital immigrant. Yes. I am a digital immigrant and like most of you, I was not born with a silver iPad in front of my face. I was able to apply the same immigrant ethics to work and with optimism and resiliency, I am able to successfully adapt to this brave new digital world.

I remember it all started with an embarrassing story. More than 30 years ago, on the first day of typing class, Mr. Thayer gave us a short quiz. He asked the class to correctly place 3 items in chronological order. And as an eager beaver, I immediately jumped at the chance to volunteer the correct answer. But perhaps because as a teenager, I watched too many Star Trek reruns on TV, I stood up and announced to the class that the proper chronology in the evolution of writing technology was the typewriter, the computer, and than the tablet. I didn 't realized that Mr. Thayer was not referring to the 'tablet ' that Yeoman Janice Rand had held in her hands standing daily next to Captain James Kirk, but rather, a stone tablet of the 'Moses ' kind. Feeling public humiliation as you can imagine a teenager would, this became my primary driver to excel not only in…

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