The I Don 't Like You

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CHAPTER 1 “He wondered what had gotten into him. It had been mad to defy Lord William like that. He felt lucky to be alive.” (29) The Id will be very influential in the future CHAPTER 2 142 “It has a deceitful feeling..” Philip is hesitant to run for prior because he feels that Milius’ tactics are immoral-superego. 150 “That night Philip dreamed about Jonathan, the abandoned baby.” Philip’s dream about Jonathan illustrate his subconscious worry and guilt about his son CHAPTER 3 173 “’You want to know why I don’t like you? All right, I’ll tell you. I don’t like you because you have no refinement. I don’t like you because you can hardly read. I don’t like you because you’re only interested in your dogs and your horses and your self” (Follett 173). Aliena has a strong personality and speaks her mind. Although she seems confrontational (id), she also seems in control of what she says. This shows her emotional balance, in comparison to William’s imbalance. CHAPTER 4 231 “I’m not going to do it, he thought. Tom would be so happy if the cathedral burned down.” Jack’s superego- cares for his mom, and therefore Tom, so he burns down the church. CHAPTER 5 “Bishop Henry and Bishop Waleran both turned their heads to Philip and stared at him. Their expressions showed utter astonishment as they realized that Philip…had negotiated a deal with the king behind their backs…Philip realized he had made an enemy for life” (Follett 331). Philip succumbs to immoral means to build his
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