The I Had Butterflies Of Sweat As The Feeling Of Dread Run Through My Body

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I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt like one big ball of sweat as the feel of dread run through my body. This is the feeling I would always get in grade school when teachers would assign book reports. Well, others may have enjoyed read variety of books and then presenting what they read in a variety of creative ways I on the other hand did not. For me, this was a long and hard process to even get through what people would consider an easy book. Not only did I struggle with reading longer words but I also struggled to even retain how to read words like “this” or “because”. It was so frustrating because I would be reading a book and my mind would just go blank. I would try to rack my brain to try and figure out what the word was and nothing would click. My parents caught this when I was in the first grade and so they had me tested. They said that due to my articulation disorder my reading skills were delayed. After the testing, I saw a speech therapist to help with my articulation disorder. I also saw a reading specialist hoping that it would help improve my reading skills. I just hoped these sessions would help me to be normal like the other kids. I wanted to be able to finish a regular chapter book like everyone else and actually comprehend what I just read. Many people can hear my articulation disorder when you talk to me and kids already made fun of me for that. So I tried to hide my reading struggles as much as possible because I did not want to give anyone

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