The I Have For My Grandpa

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The Love I have for my Grandpa
The death of my grandfather taught me some things about my life that I did not realize before. My grandpa was an outstanding, generous man. He was a selfless person, and always put others needs before his. I wish I would have realized how fast time goes by when I was younger. Now that I am older I have learned to cherish the moments spent with loved ones, make more time for family and not take time for granted.
I have organized my paper into three main parts. Making it so that the readers know why the death of my grandpa was so significant to me. Readers should also understand I have learned from the past and now am more grateful for the time spent with loved ones. The three main parts are, cherishing memories with my loved ones, making more time for my family and not taking time for granted. I will show examples of these three things so the readers understand my full meaning of what I have said. The last main part will be concluding my essay by getting the readers to understand the significance of my paper.
Going through moments, not thinking about how important they may be in the future, was how I thought five years ago. I have learned even though something may seem little while it 's happening, it may become a big impact on my life later on. An example of this for me is the death of my grandpa. Every time I walked in the door at his house, he would say “How is my Carley?” Responding to his question, telling him how I was

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