The I. P. Conflict

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The Israel and Palestine conflict is a consequence of a varied and hostile past, intertwined by the effects of globalization, the politics of post WWI and the concepts of symbolic, social and legal borders. The I.P. conflict also gives rise to many political and terrorist movements such as the emergence of I.S.I.S. or the Islamic state and The Hamas. These groups consequently have had major effects on the population of the middle east which can be seen and evidenced by the major immigrations of huge populaces, contributing to and creating the international refugee crises. The historical development of the I.P. conflict can be traced to the politics of post WWI, conflicts arising from the social, symbolic and legal boundaries of the era and…show more content…
Before this war the Middle east was controlled by the Ottoman Empire that subsequently lost to the Allied Western Powers of the UK, France and Italy. This loss resulted in the division of the Ottoman Empire’s territory amongst the victors. This division was further complicated by Jewish Zionist philosophy and the growing Jewish diaspora over not having a territory or homeland. As such the politics and policies of the time reflect these ideologies and movements, especially by the UK. The UK reacted to the Jewish Diaspora by supporting a Jewish state in Israel. This support came from the belief that Jews and Christians shared a kinship through religious and cultural backgrounds. This kinship extended to their worry of an Arab Nationalism controlling the Middle east after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Although Europe initially supported the Arab Nationalist against the Ottomans, they believed a closely allied Jewish state with themselves would give them better control over the territory. The UK allegiance with the Jewish state came in the form of a…show more content…
As such many groups have attached themselves to one side or another claiming to fight for or represent them. The United States in particular has been a target of many groups in the Middle east. The United States involvement in the Middle east to many seems like a continuation of the western involvement into the area after WWI. This involvement as created a resistance to American occupation with the term “Islam is under attack”, becoming a religious call to arms. As such groups like Al Qaeda have attacked Americans and have ultimately changed the world after September 11, 2001. This attack undoubtedly highlights the global and international concern directed towards the area, as this attack initiated America’s global war on terror. This war led to heavy U.S. involvement in the Middle East with the toppling of government in Iraq, which arguably lead to the creating of the Islamic State or I.S.I.S. Consequently, the issues, conflicts, and violence of the, Middle East has always been an international concern and will remain until, the social, cultural and territorial boundaries of the area are
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