The IMportance of Videoconferencing

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Videoconferencing has changed the way meetings, distance learning, and telecommuting in today’s world compared to the past. With the help from sites like Skype, Google Hangout, or Apple’s iChat new doors are opening to change the way teaching and businesses are run. From less travel, to more technology usage, and more retained information videoconferencing is helping in offices and classrooms across the globe. Videoconferencing has revolutionized the way in which daily tasks are carried out in the work place. Videoconferencing has improved the way businesses and schools administer meetings. Having online meetings help with convenience, are cost saving, they link several sites simultaneously, access remotely located experts, and waste less time on non-agenda items (“Introduction to Videoconferencing”). Other forms of communication can also be done, but actually seeing the person can have a huge impact on the way people interpret one another. It is said that 7 percent of communication comes from spoken words, 38 percent from the tone of voice, and 55 percent from body language (“Guide to Increasing Video Conferencing Usage”). Being able to see while having a meeting can have a large impact on what comes from the meeting. Conferencing through business can help plan meetings, chat regionally without leaving the office, and help reach out to remote businesses (“Videoconferencing Guide”). By having meetings set-up like this, employees are able to spend more time in the office
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