The Iberian Peninsula Under Islamic Rule

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Abd Allah B. Buluggin memoir the Tibyan gives an account of history in the Iberian Peninsula under Islamic rule. During this era the text produced about the land and history was destroyed or lost. Therefore making the Tibyan the best account of history for that era, it covers the history following the Ibn Hayyan’s era, events and developments from the 5th/11th century, in addition it gives perspectives of a Taifa prince and a Berber prince. Nonetheless, the Tibyan is a memoir of Abd Allah B. Buluggin therefore making it opinionated and making Buluggin look virtues in the beholder eye. When the Tibyan was being written by Abd Allah, he was sent to exile in Morocco. Once a dynasty ends people begin to look at the negative aspects of the dynasty and say the reason for its fall. Abd Allah took the opportunity of writing the Tibyan so people may view his family rule in the manner that he wants people to perceive his dynasty. He had accomplished this through multiple decisions he had made throughout his memoir. Abd Allah the last Zirid Amir of Granada wrote the Tybian originally in Arabic and later translated to other languages. Arabic was the main spoken language among people that lived under the Islamic rule. Abd Allah decision to incorporate lines from the Quran, the Muslim holy book was strategic. Abd Allah writes “ And if thou ask them who created them, they will surely say: God (Tibi 36)” By incorporating verses from the Quran it made the Tibyan look more appealing to

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