The Ibm Personal Computer And Its Effect

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The IBM Personal Computer and Its Effect Harsh Moolani U. S. History 241 Patricia Minter November 7, 2014 In United States history, there have been few inventions that have completely astonished the whole nation; the personal computer was one of them. The introduction of the IBM Personal Computer in the United States created a novel, profound interest in technology in the 1980s. PC Magazine from February 1982 indicated that technology was slowly improving around that time, but the personal computer took a giant leap into the future and lead to various new inventions and ideas. IBM’s Personal Computer not only opened new doors for IBM, but for many other companies and industries as well, which only added to the excitement. Even…show more content…
Due to the IBM Personal Computer, Microsoft, the first personal computer software company, had a break though in the software industry. IBM approached young Bill Gates, the president and co-founder of Microsoft, and said, “Hey, we may really do some business. It could be exciting.” They followed this up with, “We have a lot of things to do, so let’s do them in parallel. We will have our legal team meet with your legal team, we’ll have our purchasing team meet with your purchasing team, and we’ll have our technical team meet with your technical team.” IBM was thrilled to work with Bill Gates and Microsoft, but there was a limiting factor. Since Microsoft was only starting up, there were not many people in the company and Bill Gates handled almost every department. Personal computer software was a very new industry, which explained the lack of employment; however, the employees in it were extremely enthusiastic about it. Even though Bill Gates had to negotiate with all of IBM’s departments, he wasn’t discouraged; he even offered to meet with two departments simultaneously in order to accomplish more in the one-year limit. IBM and Microsoft did not want to create a mediocre computer. They even stated, “The second priority beyond getting it done in a year was to have a state-of-the-art machine.” They wanted to end with a machine that topped every other machine that had been created before, but they only had one year. Bill Gates, when

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