The Ice Of Drilling For Ice Cores

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The Ice Chronicles is an in-depth look at one scientists story of drilling for ice cores in arctic climates. The book also describes how the ice cores are drilled and how the ice cores are processed. The team of scientists use the ice cores and the chemical composition of them to get a better grasp of past climates and climate changes. The main drilling mentioned is the Greenland Ice Sheet Project that was overseen by many agencies and supported by multiple higher-education institutions. The project took many seasons and the teamwork of many top scientists from many top universities and research organizations. The data recovered from the thousands of meters of drilled ice contained the answers to many questions pertaining to the climate of now and the way the world climate once was. The drill was positioned at the very top of a glacier in a spot that was studied closely to make sure the project could yield the most accurate data for observation. The project took place in the early 1990’s and was completed by the 2000’s, but the data collected will help serve the world population for lifetimes ahead. The research conducted proves that humans have had some impact on the global climate, and also proves that the world goes through natural climate changes that last longer than human population has ever inhabited Earth.

The Pleistocene was much colder and was the scene of the glacial ages. The Pleistocene era ran from about two-million years ago from present date to about…

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