The Ice Storm Character Analysis

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Question 1: The Ice Storm introduces us to two families, with four characters in each family. Select ONE pair of characters and discuss their relationship in one sequence in terms of RECOGNITION of their character traits and your ALIGNMENT with them (who do you know most about in the scene?). Choose any sequence involving two characters, EXCEPT the one where Ben drives Paul home and gives him the ‘self-abuse’ talk. We analysed this sequence in class so choose another one. The scene from The Ice Storm is when Paul has returned home from school and has gone into Wendy’s bedroom. In terms of recognition, at this point in the film we know that Paul goes to a boarding school, is socially awkward, is a virgin, is interested in a girl in her class…show more content…
In reality all humans are not inherently good or bad; doing something bad does not make you a bad person and vice…show more content…
Being part of the project academically by being a teacher meant that she knew that she was walking into a scientific experiment and that specific outcomes were expected/hoped for. During teaching sessions Nim would be physically abused if he acted out of line, which is a terrible way to teach a child but because they view Nim as a chimp and not a human they do so with less guilt of harming him. She says in the documentary that Nim had bit her and she bit him back to show him who was dominant in the student/teacher relationship. In a human relationship, the guilty party would apologise for their actions, as the saying goes, “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.” When the project abruptly ended, Nim was to be sent back to where he came from and was eventually sold to LEMSIP which tested on animals. The researches on the project did not think about what life would be like for Nim after the experiment; they all knew that at some point the experiment would come to an end. Being raised in a strictly human environment for his entire life and depending on human connection he would not cope very well with ‘his own kind’. Then being subjected to animal experimentation, after being raised to trust humans is betrayed by them (Pick p.
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