The Iceman

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Ice Man – Elmore Leonard 2012

The title “Ice Man” can be referred to a person we meet in the short story. His is called for “iceman”, but his real name is Darryl Harris. The Iceman works for “immigration and Customs Enforcement”. He is a white man who is racists, we can see that the way he treats the Indian boys. He seems like a cold man as his nickname “ICE”

The short story takes place in the US and it is about Victor and his friends Nachee and Billy Cosa.
Victor loves to ride bulls and he is very good at it. When Victor turns twenty he wins 4,000 dollars at the All - Indian National Rodeo in Palm Springs. After that Victor and his friends - Nachee and Billy Cosa, decides to celebrate his rides at the bar where they drinks some
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The most viewed injustices that you can experience here in Denmark will probably be discrimination. I have not seen or been in a situation where I have been treated unfairly. I am one of the many Muslims who live in Denmark and many of them are often generalized and are treated differently. The reason why I might not have experienced it can be because of my white Caucasian color that makes me look like a Danes. I hope not that I will be treated injustice for my nationality or religion. We all se in the media and reading in the Internet all the horrible stories many immigrant in Denmark have experienced. But injustice is not only based on race or religion, but also something else. I would say that injustice is something you feel and decide. You may feel that you are being treated differently than the others in the classroom or at work. The only way we can solve it is to treat everyone

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