The Icon Of Grease Will Never Lose Devotion

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The Icon of Grease Will Never Lose Devotion For a movie released in 1978 it still holds true to the drama of high school and the cliche of summer love. Grease became a classic for the same reasons as American Graffiti, it explored the life of teens and culture during the fifties. The film director Randal Kleiser cast a previous academy award nominee, John Travolta and rising Australian star Olivia Newton-John and it now is the epitome of their careers. The musical is a romantic comedy that takes place in the late fifties with a summer fling between greaser Danny Zuko and good girl Sandy. They parted with the conclusion of summer, but when school resumes, they find themselves attending the same high school. It follows Danny and Sandy as well as the perspective friend groups the t-birds and pink ladies. Grease is a musical that is both iconic and forever relatable with it’s lively music, dancing, humor and simple story lines. Some would consider the casting in Grease to be a flaw because they are meant to portray teenagers and all the main actors and actresses were well into their twenties. Stockard Channing, who played Rizzo was thirty-three when they began filming, Olivia Newton-John was twenty-eight, and John Travolta was twenty-three. They cast doesn’t even look like they could be high school students, but I think it was worth it to be able to include good actors and actresses. Furthermore, from the feminist perspective the movie is categorized as bad because of the

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