The Idaho State Board Of Nursing

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Vision Statement In today’s world of nursing it takes a very special, kind, caring, compassionate, and patient person to make a good nurse. Nurses today have very fast paced and busy working conditions. Looking towards the future, I know it is important to know and understand what is fully expected of me. The standard, regulations and expectations of Practical nurses today takes a very responsible and professional person. Idaho State Board of Nursing’s vision statement is the following “Advancing trust in Idaho’s nursing workforce through regulatory excellence”. (site) The Idaho State Board of Nursing is a gap connector between patient, nurses and facilities. It set boundaries and rules, finds practical solutions, and makes sure…show more content…
LPN’s assist in assessments, and patient care planning to help set up goals to reach desired medical outcomes with the most efficiency and painless way possible. The patient is always the main concern in any goal and outcome with patient care planning. LPN’s carry out the orders of the physician, by administering medications and treatments to the patients assigned to them. LPN’s are often the voice of the doctor when it comes to patients care. LPN’s want to make sure to safe and effective care is rendered to all their patients. LPN’s often participate in readjusting a patient plan of care to benefit the patient’s outcome and their safety. LPN’s can delegate procedures to personal qualified to carry out those tasks. Some of these tasks may include items such as vital signs, glucose checks, back massages, bathing and ADL’s, activities and feeding of patients. CNA’s, play a very important role, in helping the nursing staff carry out their orders and duties every day the come to work. Idaho Statutes for Obtaining an LPN License To qualify to obtain a LPN license in the state of Idaho a person must successfully complete a qualified basic curriculum of
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