The Idea For Bloom's Taxonomy

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The idea for Bloom’s Taxonomy was born in 1948 during an informal meeting at the American Psychological Association Convention in Boston, by Benjamin S Bloom and a committee of over 30 leading educators. (Bloom, Engelhart, Furst, Hill & Krathwol, 1956 p. 4) Although the taxonomy is general referred to as Bloom’s Taxonomy, the work is considered a group product that came form many revisions. (Bloom et al., 1956 p.9) The original work of Bloom’s Taxonomy (OW) came in the form of handbook, titled the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: The Classification of Educational Goals. The Taxonomy of Educational Objectives consisted of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain. (Bloom et al., 1956 p. 7) The cognitive domain focused on sex level of thinking skills. The affective domain consisted of five levels that focus on attitudes and values. The psychomotor domain consisted of six levels that focused on physical skills and performance. (IACBE, 2014 & Bloom et al., 1956 p. 7)
The OW was intended to provide a classification of educational goals that would help guide teachers, administrators, specialists and research workers that focus on curricular and evaluations problems. (Bloom et al., 1956 p. 1) The first major task of OW committee was to develop a classification system of the learning objectives in cognitive domain. The OW committee initially believed that educational objectives were not observable or measureable, unlike objectives in other fields such the sciences, and…
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