The Idea Of A `` Gamesman ``

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The idea of a “gamesman” is a new concept for me, not that the concept is new to me, but rather that there is a term to describe this act. The idea of getting to the top by any means necessary is an ideal I am very familiar with. It’s something that I’ve discussed at length with my peers. There are numerous quotes about doing whatever is needed to succeed. In the world of business, it is a tactic that many people are comfortable with using. Maccoby describes the “gamesman” at the end of his life as a lonely entity with nothing to his name, but I do not believe that is the case. One of my favorite basketball players Michael Jordan had a quote that went something like “I’ve missed and lost and failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” I’m sure many people have heard of this quote. The mere idea that Maccoby suggests, that most gamesman end up being frail old failures is an extremely defeatist ideal in my opinion. In the climb towards success there are struggles and defeats that people must overcome in order to rise up, but Maccoby’s idea that people who engage in “no-holds-barred fights to get to the top are often rewarded with loneliness irks me. In the chase for success, for every successful person who has tried to thrive by doing whatever it takes there are countless who have failed by such tactics, but everyone isn’t going to stop doing so. The only people who become lonely and void of relationships are the people who have accepted their defeat

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