The Idea Of A Perfect Society, Or Utopia, By Sir Thomas More

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The idea of a perfect society, or “utopia,” was first introduced in Sir Thomas More’s book Utopia, written in 1516. In the book, More described a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean through the character Raphael. On the island everything and everyone has a specific place and purpose. There is no private property, all of the houses on the island are the same; you can walk in the front door, through the house, and out the back door. All necessary items are stored in warehouses, where people only request what they need. The people on the island manufacture the items in the warehouse, everyone that can work does, which means little to no unemployment. Since the introduction of these ideas many people have contested them, as well as driven them to find or create their own utopias. Some of these include historians, philosophers, and even playwrights. One of the playwrights that showed elements of utopian society in his plays was none other than William Shakespeare. Both More and Shakespeare described their utopias through other characters, More through Raphael in Utopia and Shakespeare through Gonzalo in The Tempest. In The Tempest Gonzalo began to imagine what it would be like if he colonized the remote island they had shipwrecked on. GONZALO I’ th’ commonwealth I would by contraries Execute all things. For no kind of traffic Would I admit. No name of magistrate. Letters should not be known. Riches, poverty, And use of service – none. Contract,

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