The Idea Of Anti Art

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The term Anti-art is the idea of rejecting prior definitions of art and even the rejection of art it 's self. The term is thought to have been coined by pioneer of Dada, Marcel Duchamp in 1913 around the time he made his first readymades. (, n.d.). The idea of Anti-art has been seen through numerous art movements since, from surrealism, to Pop art; Minimalism, to Conceptual art; Performance art and all it 's sub genres. Dada was an art movement described by Dada poet Tristan Tzara as “not the beginnings of art, but of disgust.” The movement came into existence through a small group of artists and poets in Zurich who eventually wrote a set of strategies and philosophies aiming to revolutionise visual art, performance and poetry, as well as revolutionary ideas about the politics and social values. Dada came into existence amid the first world war. For the artists the war was evidence that the break down of social structures, corrupt nationalist politics, and unquestioning conformity of culture and thought led to such violence. (, n.d.) It is widely agreed that the assassination of Austro-Hungarian royal prince Franz Ferdinand. Ferdinand 's assassination was a reaction to the dispute and war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia over Sarajevo which is in bosnia. This battle for land is much like what we see today with Russia and The Ukraine, also the fight between Israel and Palestine. On July 28th 1914 Franz Ferdinand was assassinated whilst visiting an
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