The Idea Of Art By Dorothy Allison

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The idea of art being a unique interpretation of what an artist’s feels towards a particular thing has always been a given when talking about art. However, where is the line drawn on what art truly is and what it means to its audience? To do this, the idea of what art means must be applied to the idea of what art is. In Dorothy Allison’s This is Our World, the author touches on points of what art is and what it means to its viewers. These points and supporting stories point to the idea that art is subjective, personal, and provocative. This allows Allison to draw her conclusion that arts purpose is to depict the deeper meaning into situations and incidents that occur in our world. In Dorothy Allison’s journal, one can see how the author effectively conveys the ideas of art being personal and subjective, but fails at detailing how art can be subjective. One idea that Allison points to throughout her essay is that art is subjective, stating that every person sees art differently. While doing this she adds her ideas of what art should be, indicating that art is meant to tell a story and tell the reality of a situation. For example, Allison references a memory of her friend Jackie criticizing her black and white photos; which in Allison eyes captures the stories of the people within them, making it art (Allison). In this moment one can see how one form of art can be seen as nothing more than a common object depending on perception. Another example of this is how in the 21st…
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