The Idea Of Artificial Intelligence

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The idea of Artificial Intelligence is a widely discussed topic, mostly filled with propaganda, in an Information Technology ruled society like ours today. As said by Christof Koch, president and chief scientific officer of the Allen institute for Brain Science in Seattle: “Within a decade these instances of ‘weak’ or ‘narrow’ AI—able to replicate specific human tasks—will permeate society. Siri is only the beginning. Driverless cars and trucks will become the norm, and our interactions in supermarkets, hospitals, industry, offices and financial markets will be dominated by narrow AI.” [1] (Christof) But with increases in technologies like facial recognition, algorithms that can teach themselves and chips that can be embedded to let normal vehicles drive autonomously, have we allowed computer to even be smarter than that of its creators? Given that technology does continue to effortlessly increase in aptitude and prominence, it will one day become more troublesome than helpful. If we were to one day create humanoids that are able to think for themselves or cars that were able to completely drive themselves, without the input of a human, this brings about an entire moral problem in and of itself. As we continue to create intelligent and eventually sentient technology that no longer relies on our human presence, the effect it could have on our culture as we know it could become catastrophic. Artificial Intelligence has been studied and researched formally for many decades
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