The Idea Of Contyping In The Real Ones By Jo Crayola

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Does accepting one’s femininity mean having to put on a dress and wear makeup? Does expressing one’s femininity mean having to get married, have babies and looking after the children and their husbands at home? The women today can be so much more without losing their feminism. There was a time when men are to hunt and gather food while women stayed at home and cooked and give birth and look after the children. Nowadays, women are as educated as the men and are able to hold any position that had been reserved for men. Women today are politicians, leaders of countries, professionals and even combat soldiers. Thus, they have proven that they are equal to any tasks. The only reason why they are lacking is probably because of social stereotyping. This is the reason why it is particularly important to empower femininity.

It is easy to ridicule the idea of empowering femininity is because society already hold negative attitudes toward anything considered feminine. The poem “The Real Ones” by Jo Crayola cannot be too far off from reality when describing how society perceived a ‘real’ woman or mother should be and how she should conduct herself. A female can only be considered as feminine if she does not wear a tattoo, “grown a lap, and a husband and a hairless armpit”. It is imperative that the world should move beyond this stereotyping to dismiss and demean feminine gender expression, and to truly recognise women for who they are. Society has to understand that female
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