The Idea Of Hospice Care

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The term hospice has been in use since the medieval times, referring to as a place of shelter for ill and weary travelers on a long journey. However, Dr. Dame Cicely Saunders first applied the specialized hospice care to terminally ill and dying patients in the year of 1948. This lead to the creation of the first modern hospice, St. Christopher’s Hospice, in London. The idea for Hospice care was first introduced in the US by Dr. Saunders herself, during her visit to Yale University in 1963.
Hospice care provides services including but not limited to, pain management, medical care, emotional and spiritual support that fits the patient’s individual needs and wishes. The compassionate care provided by the care providers alongside the support of loved ones, goes a long way to help the patients facing a life-limited illness.
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They make decisions pertaining to the patient’s needs in consultation with medical experts. Having a loved one with a terminal illness can be stressful and demanding. This is where hospice care comes in. Most hospice care providers make regular visit to the patient’s home and provide additional care and support as necessary. Due to the nature of the illness, hospice care providers are on call 24 hours, seven days a week. The hospice care providers along with doctors, nurses, dieticians. Physical and occupational therapists, counselors, social workers, create a plan tailored to meet the patient’s needs. Although most patients receive hospice care at home, this is changing. Long term care facilities have also started providing hospice care services for patients, especially with illness like advanced/terminal cancer, dementia
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