The Idea Of Learning Knowledge And Value From Education

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The idea of learning knowledge and value from education had been an important part of our modern society since our Greek ancestors began inquiring. Value is anything that we desire, that we people may benefit from it (Simmons, 1977). People from different part of the world value things differently because of cultural differences. Even though the value of education is important to most people, there are certain values of education that different societies value the most. For instance, some may think of the subject math is important because we use math to calculate things in our everyday lives, while some may think that the subject English is important because we use it to communicate to each other. Educational values between two entirely different cultures could be drastically different. Comparing how the Chinese and the American view and value the education system, the Chinese pressure their children to become successful from the expectations from their parents, and while the Americans values child development (Li, 2001). It shows the very opposite side of educational value, where the Chinese are intolerant, and the Americans are more lenient. Studies had also found that parenting have an effect of how well they do in school, besides of how much they believe in themselves (Juang and Silbereisen, 2002). This essay will take a deeper look of what educational values are, the comparison of educational values between the Chinese and the American society, and how both the…
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