The Idea Of Literacy And The Ability Of Read And Write

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Introduction and Background

The idea of literacy and the ability to read and write has been a topic of interest since humans first developed language and system for communicating in a written fashion. In the last 140 years, there has been a tremendous amount of research done on the topic; many theories and ways of thinking about reading have been developed and criticized during that time (Martin, Protacio, Huang, Kuo, & Hartman, 2012).
Kenneth S. Goodman throughout his life became interested in literacy and how individuals acquire it. Born December 23, 1927, he worked his way through college and began teaching in the height of McCarthyism (Goodman, 2000). He took a brief hiatus from teaching and researching in the field of education when he and his wife worked as counselors in a Jewish Center day camp in Los Angeles (Goodman, 2000). He focused his doctoral studies on the traits pupils valued in their teachers; however, as he continued his degree he became intrigued by the disagreements that were taking place over grammar within the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) (Goodman, 2000).
As he developed his professional stance on reading and writing, he was inspired by the work of Noam Chomsky and used it to frame the context of his own research. He delved into researching literacy and developed the Whole Language Approach Theory. He conceptualized that written language development is parallel to oral language development and believes the process of reading to be
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