The Idea Of Plato's Cave In Hollywood Blockbuster Film

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Zachary Pumphrey
Professor Mileo
Intro to Philosophy
What has been a directing technique that it easy to miss, yet, so simple that many people do not notice how it is around everywhere and used in quite a few Hollywood blockbuster films? The concept of including philosophy into a movie has been in a wide range of films. Philosophy has been integrated into both US films, and many foreign films. What makes philosophy a great base for a movie is that there are so many ways include many forms of philosophy into a movie. While you may not notice it directly, your brain does notice and that is what makes you feel a connection to the movie. A common philosophy method found in movies is Plato’s cave.
Plato’s cave is the idea of people living in a cave their entire lives. It is the cave, and its surroundings are all the people of the cave have ever known. The idea of an outside world is never questioned. They are pretty much being pulled on strings, like puppets, and they don’t live their lives. The people of Plato’s cave almost represent what society would be if there was no philosophy. To just go about life as a puppet and never wonder if life could
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They are separate from all outside help and live accordingly to their own rules. Inside the city, there are different factions to separate each person in for order to be maintained. Each person is a certain way with certain qualities and that person joins the faction they find best suited for them. If they leave their faction, they are labled as factionless which is considered a dishonorable label which usually results in homelessness and starvation. The main character of divergent is Tris; when she takes the test and gets the result of being divergent, which is essentially like a jack of all trades, but an ace. She joins a faction of strength and bravery, which is called
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