The Idea Of Spiritualism Became A Popular Belief

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During the 19th century, the idea of spiritualism became a popular belief in America. The Kennard Novelty Company invested in the making of the Ouija board. The myth of the word “Ouija” coming from French and German languages is a false accusation. Charles Kennard and Helen Peters used the mysterious board to question the name, and the board responded with “O-U-I-J-A.” This was because of the locket Helen Peters wore of a woman’s rights activist who shared an almost identical name (McRobbie, 1). Colman describes the Ouija Board as, “A board marked with letters of the alphabet… to spell out answers to questions with a pointer or inverted glass” (2). The Ouija Board has influenced American culture/pop culture, religious beliefs, and…show more content…
The movie The Exorcism released in 1973 had first impact on the American culture that linked the ideas of the Ouija board and the devil together (McRobbie, 2).
The Exorcism film depicted a girl who became possessed by the devil because she played with an old Ouija board. After the release of The Exorcism, the public developed a different view on Ouija boards. Different age groups and genders began to use the board. In effect, the sales and creation of the Ouija increased due to the paranormal film. The perception of the Ouija board caused a higher usage of the toy. The influence of the board became daring rather than a fun way of communicating with the spiritual world. This became a source of moneymaking by producing more paranormal movies, horror writings, and selling more Ouija boards. (McRobbie 2-3).
The Ouija Board did not attract the religious audience. Many religious groups opposed the idea of the Ouija board because it represented Satan. In contrast, religious teenagers often did opposite and welcomed the Ouija board into their lives. In Redemption of the Ouija, the question, “Why do teenagers use the Ouija board?” is asked; the response is, “To meet and greet the devil…” (Redemption, 101). Many religious teenagers use the Ouija board to have proof the devil is real. They do not worship Satan; they just want to make sure their faith in religion is real
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