The Idea of Censorship

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Censorship Con The idea of censorship is based upon the idea that there are some things that people, especially young people, should not be exposed to. People must be protected from stories or images or ideas which may be upsetting. They must also be protected from negative things which they might try to emulate. There is an obvious flaw in this system of logic; this perspective assumes that people cannot think for themselves. If they are exposed to violence or sex or bad language, then they will act violently, engage in sexual behaviors, or use bad language. In the case of young people, there is more validity to this argument. Children do tend to copy what they see and hear, whether that be in the media or in everyday life. However, it is hoped that adults can distinguish for themselves what is right and what is wrong. If they cannot do so, how can people believe that by censoring offensive materials in the media, then somehow this will ensure that people behave well? Censorship simply will not eliminate violent or otherwise poor behaviors but will instead ensure that people receive information from the wrong sources. Children should not be exposed to offensive materials or sexually explicit images, or violent films and programs. However, this is not the job of the media. It is instead the responsibility of the parents to monitor their kids and ensure that they are not exposed to things that they are unable to handle. The government and media outlets have already
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