The Idea of National Organization Representation Essay

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The time has come to organize. It is clear to me that the future of the workers and their families lie in the ability for us to speak in one voice. I support the idea of a national organization representing all of us. We organized into small groups and began to affect small change, however, in order to affect real change, a change for me and my life as well as all my fellow workers, a national organization and a national voice is needed. I am concerned that the workers of the small organizations will not be heard due to the loud voices of the larger organizations. Consequently, it is necessary upon the national organization to develop a method to represent all of us equally. The larger the union representation, the more effective it…show more content…
These tariffs can increase the union of specific trades when they are applied as well as cause the gains made during collective bargaining, and increased hourly wage to be negated by artificial tariff and price inflation. We must realize that in order to affect change for the long term, we must avoid focusing on ourselves and work towards collective bargaining for all. We must acknowledge that power can lead to corruption if it is not focused and managed for the benefit of all (Steiner 1-10). We must be careful in electing those who will speak for us. They should be wise and honorable people. They will have the power to speak for all of us and must have character to not deal with management from a personal position, which could benefit them at the expense of the entire membership. We must never forget that the ultimate power leads to ultimate corruption. We are at the beginning of a great battle between management and labor. We need to defend our rights as workers. We should all read the notes of H.E. Steiner, local 46 of the Amalgamated Sheet Metal Workers Journal. Steiner points out repeatedly the power of collective bargaining, which can lead to corruption of the leadership (Steiner 10-15). If we don’t organize, we are bound to fail. Take the example of the recent picketers in their efforts to bring
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