The Idea of Open Fuel Standard

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Political view: fuel One of the greatest and most promising areas for innovation on the surface that both Obama and Romney fought over was energy renovation. Obama wants to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and is prepared to heavily invest innovation in this field including in deployment as well as basic science. Anyone who can make contributions and breakthroughs in this field will have become a potentially enormously wealthy person as well as achieving wealth for America in the process. Romney's ideas of innovation in this field, however, was to expend more in research and to invest in projects of new energy technologies. His aims were to expand domestic oil and natural gas production. In this way, America would be giving less of its money to outsiders and spending it more on its own domestic resources. At the same time, it could sell those locally-produced resources to other countries (The Business Journals, 2012). Obama won the reelection and became president for a second term. He is still campaigning for his idea of Open Fuel Standard (OFS). What is Open Fuel Standard (OFS)? Since few people have flex-fuel cars, only 2,250 service stations in the U.S. (excluding private stations) have ethanol pumps, out of a total of about 176,000 stations. It is simply not profitable for more gas stations to carry this fuel. On the other hand, the government wants to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and, therefore, wants to
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