The Idea of Poverty and How to Fight It

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The idea of poverty couldn’t be farther from appealing to the public. When one thinks of “poverty”, one can easily imagine the neighborhood hobo who, even though one may feel sorry for, he/she would much rather continue enjoying one’s designer clothing and suitable shelter. However, not only does the public fear the idea of becoming poor, but also the stockbrokers, the government and generally those who are acutely aware of the poverty’s effect on the economic status of a country. The idea of poverty’s effect on economic costs is based off the assumption that those in poverty reduce the overall productivity of a nation, resulting in a lower gross domestic product and lower productivity. While core characteristics of poverty may be similar…show more content…
Steadily, the UK’s poverty rate began to decline and is currently resting at 22%. London is the richest part of Britain and it is often referred to as the engine of the national economy. On the other hand, it also has the highest poverty rate. One of the biggest issues that the UK faces is child poverty. There are currently 3.6 million children living in poverty, an environment that could be detrimental their education. The “War on Poverty” is a concept first introduced by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964 and it was proposed mainly in retaliation to the national poverty rate at an imposing 19%. The legislation led Congress to pass the Economic Opportunity Act which was to establish the administration of local funds against poverty. The plan was intended to prepare citizens to successfully compete in the ever expanding economy. Johnson believed in the idea that opportunity was imperative to solving the poverty problem. Consequently, the legislation was focused largely on educational skills for adults who had not completed their secondary education. Other features of this legislation tried to increase employability of young men and women between the ages of 16-21. The core qualities of Johnson’s fight against poverty are emulated in the Head Start program, originating in 1965 with the sole purpose of promoting school readiness for children born into poor families. Additionally, Johnson’s war on poverty lead to the

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