The Idea of Space Essay

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The concept of space is an important architectural feature that distinguishes it from other artistic activities. It is the three dimensional aspect of space that a person can find his or herself within. A painting is simply two dimensional, even if the artist could introduce other dimensions to it, the viewer can only see the painting on a flat canvas. Sculpture is three-dimensional however people can see that from the outside and immediately relate to it. Architecture is very much similar to a large statue that has been simply carved from the inside so that one can live and dwell from within. From this perspective, architectural space is not just only the picture of places our heritage and us have lived, but most
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Prairie houses all had horizontal roof planes, dynamic spaces, and connection with nature around the environment, along with the openness of the space inside using many types of windows. The Prairie houses were all about the space, motion and the creation of the new domestic American architecture.

Frank Lloyd Wright defined the space in his design by no longer utilizing boxes. He thought of space as an endless end, intersecting one and other being sheltered by a roof plane that extends outward to the surrounding landscape. Frank Lloyd Wright imagined the spaces separated not by doors and walls, but by using the angle of vision. As one moves through space surprises are to come such as the changes in height of the ceiling or a breathtaking view of sunlight that can be seen around the corner. Frank Lloyd Wright also studied, and was greatly influenced by Japanese architecture. Tokonoma, which was a Japanese focus element that would stand in the spaces during a ceremony, had a big impact on him. He studied architecture that would modulate space and charged it with spiritual character. Frank Lloyd Wright gradually changed the architecture of simple boxes to more meaningful experimental spaces.

The client, Mr. Robie was primarily a bicycle manufacturer. He owned a land within a tight corner of the southern Chicago area. Mr. Robie hired Mr. Wright to design a dwelling for him and his family. On
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