The Idea of Utilitarianism is Introdroduced to Britain with the Help of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species

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As the Industrial Revolution had already begun, Britain in 1800’s had changed little to none during the century. It was a rural country, dominated by agriculture and Villages. During the time period people just stuck to their village and some haven’t ever been able to travel in their lives, because their family had lived there for generations and people stuck to what they knew during that time. As the steam engine was brought out to use with the help of the monopolies, making sure prices stay high to keep the market booming.
The idea of utilitarianism was introduced freshly in Britain, which believed that people’s actions should be judged by their good deeds in the world and the surrounding area, the greatest pleasure for the greatest
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Some of the literature Darwin had written, and others during this time directly reflected the writer’s attitude toward the revolutionary ideas that were being presented.
From Tennyson’s perspective, proposing that we believe good eventually comes out of dying because the person is thought to have gone on to heaven was the idea for most of the people during that age, therefore a lot of people during the time liked reading Tennyson’s literary works because they had hope in their own religion and getting reassurance from Tennyson. In his stories and in his view’s he believes how nothing in the world is without a blessing from God. As his poems go on it seems he had changed his idea of that perspective. When Tennyson’s friend, Hallam, had died it occurred to him that it didn’t matter that he died at all. He thought humans had no distinct place in the universe as a whole; he just thought it was a mistake by creation.
The spirit is about to only to give breath and when life is gone it is no longer needed, dark thinking coming from Tennyson, he wasn’t the man he once seemed he was according to his literary wokds. As the industrial revolution began to keep building and building as the years go by. It seems these scientists and novelist had different outlooks as time went by. Could the industrial revolution have caused a disruption of peace to these people? The modern age has seen to
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