The Idea of the Secular Saint in Ambrosio's Work

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Secular Saint Question 1: What elements in the life and work of Simone Weil, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and some of the characters portrayed in the movies Dr. Ambrosio mentions speak to you most effectively about the qualities of the secular saint? There are many types of people in the world. Specifically, there are those who live to make their own existences happier and then there are those who work to preserve and protect the rights and needs of their fellow human beings. The secular saint is the latter type, an individual who has achieved something great in their lifetime which has served to benefit all of humanity. In his speech series on the topic of secular, Dr. Ambrosio explains that making choices while being cognizant of the potential ramifications for those choices are integral to the definition of a secular saint (Ambrosio 2011). He articulates that this type of individual must be able to be viewed in a heroic context. Secular saints may be political figures, members of a religion, or people from the intellectual world. Their background is far less important than the impact that they have on the rest of the world. They are deemed "secular" because, for whatever reason, these persons have not been recognized as canonical saints by people in positions of power within religions. In order to be deemed a secular saint, a person's accomplishments must be far-reaching and important to the world at large. Additionally, the person must have had to face severe

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