The Idea, the Machine: Frank Lloyd Wright

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When Frank Lloyd Wright gave his ideas on his work and his design, the world was in awe that he could make what the public called magnificent. He acknowledged his skills with the speech he gave along with his actions and he thinks of himself no different from anyone else he meets saying they also have potential. The machine he speaks of is the general thought and creation of products while art, the opposite of the machine is unique creations that took root from the machine but display special characteristics. Frank Lloyd Wright’s speech showed the world what he believed in and told the audience that he was simple man with the idea of art. His ideas on the machine and art are truthful and relevant to everyone and showed a motivation to his audience to become great. The speech was given in 1901 in the “Hull House” in Chicago to the Chicago Arts and Crafts Society, it was aimed into convincing the people who were involved with construction to create a community to sustain the sacred idea that the architects of the time called art (Patenting, 1). The speech was shown and given by Frank Lloyd Wright in the building, he was a major visionary and architect at the time so many looked up to him. He made the speech to explain his philosophy on the creation of his works and how he obtains the motivation and will to do so, he also wanted the community to understand the machine and how it was different from art. The machine is a term that Frank Lloyd Wright used to show how the general
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