The Ideal Dance I Pick Was A Mixed Of Modern Dance Ballet Dance

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The ideal dance I pick was a mixed of modern/ballet dance. I constantly desired to dance like a mystical Firebird called the Phoenix and how they interpret the meaning of reincarnation. How the Phoenix used its feathers to turn it to flames and able to swirl. It around to engulf itself in flames to get the sun to become as one with the world. The phoenix opens its wings and lift itself to the cosmos as the young phoenix from its old ashes and rejuvenate to a beautiful organism. The song I used is called Awakening by Taylor Davis. She a famous violinist player from YouTube, she creates beautiful music with her violin and take on other famous music other ideas.
When I try to work with my consistency, I’m using my arms to represent the extensions of the phoenix as the flames are dancing within the plumes. The feather belt at the closing of each of my hands represents the length of the plumes from each of the wind. I affected my arms to illustrate the flames of my wings When I was running my legs along with my weaponry, I’m testing to establish the flow of time from being young and being old of the direction of the river. I used my cape as the tail and shares of the wings. I turned down both of my legs and came up and dangle my arms like the waves of the oceans current. I pinch my right arm in the air to demonstrate the stunner of the flames of the extension. I whirled around and duplicated the same move and moved my right arm up into the breeze. I circle my arms to make the…

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