The Ideal Dental Material Essay

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Amalgam ( silver fillings) is produced by mixing mercury along with silver, tin, copper, and zinc. Even though mercury is a toxic material when bounded to other metals it becomes stable and thus can be used in dental applications. The addition of Silver provides strength, Tin for workability, Copper for corrosion resistance and Zinc to prevent oxidation. One of the advantages of using silver fillings as a dental material is its durability. These fillings are able to last 10-15 years, which usually is much longer than other types of tooth fillings. The strength of this filling is strong enough to resist wear due to chewing forces. This is especially seen when the filling has good bulk strength. However it could be easily chipped on the edges. Therefore it can be said that this filling has good biocompatibility. The disadvantages of silver fillings is when it comes to aesthetics. The silver color of the fillings does not match the appearance of the teeth making it not appealing to the eye. In addition the filling can cause discoloration to the surrounding teeth by making them appear a light shade of grey. When drinking cold or hot liquids the teeth can expand or contract. The filling will expand and contract as well making the filling more likely to crack. Finally a few amount people may have allergic reactions to the mercury found in amalgam.
Tooth colored composites are a mixture of submicron glass filters and acrylic that form a tooth colored restoration. The main…

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