The Ideal Image Of ' Nuclear Family ' And ' How I Met Your Mother '

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The ideal image of ‘nuclear family’ used to be described as a male husband, a female wife and their kids; however, in few decades, the term family has become diverse without any blood-related relationships. Because of this recent change of family values, it is easy to find that present television shows also reflect the new concept of family and influence the recognition of the viewers at the same time. Among many TV programs such as ‘Simpsons’, ‘F is for family’ and ‘How I met your mother’, ‘Modern Family’ is a representative show dealing with modern family types and values. It is a domestic TV sitcom of ABC, featuring the lives of three different types of fictional families. Apart from the humorous stories, it becomes very popular because of suggesting that friendly characters are easy to relate to real life. It shows innovative aspects of family structures including a gay couple with an adopted baby and an interracial marriage between a divorced old man with a much younger woman. In addition, its form is a fake documentary about when family members agree to participate in interviews for a documentary, but they don’t actually realize how much they are revealing their lives themselves. Also, the main theme of the show is "But that 's the thing about family: no matter how badly you behave, hopefully they 'll forgive" (Modern Family Synopsis, 2011). The show has a favourable notice in media field because it handles social issues through its characters showing racial,
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