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How would the world be different if we had a president who habitually did the right thing and was admired by everyone? In a world where the political scene is constantly changing and is often dominated by tyrants, we can go back in time and gather wisdom from Plato as to what an ideal leader looks like. For instance, most leaders we see today are proud, self-seeking and trapped in a cave that tells them that success comes from oppression and looking out for their own good; however, Plato shows us in Paragraph 65 that “if they go about, hungering for their own private advantage… the civil and domestic broils which thus arise will be the ruin of the rulers and state.” As we have seen time and time again (Saddam Hussein, etc) leaders who …show more content…
I believe we find a very valuable truth here about what true leadership and thus what true enlightenment should look like—it does not come from excessive power but rather from the light of the truth.
Because of this I propose that the “enlightenment” Plato is talking about here is not that one has reached optimum knowledge; instead, enlightenment is the ability of looking at our world and seeing the truth. Therefore true enlightenment is when one ceases to seek to know everything and instead, yearns to understand the truth. The reason I think this is because Plato says that “neither the uneducated and uninformed of the truth, nor those who never make an end to their education will be able ministers of the state”. This would imply to me that enlightenment is not just a drive for knowledge, but rather it is the ability to correctly apply knowledge to life. So instead of this enlightenment puffing up the leader, it would lead him to be humble, as he understands that he is not better then others but merely has greater wisdom, and because of this wisdom, he will never look at the world the same again (55).
But what does this enlightenment have to do with leading and how does one become this great leader? In Plato’s allegory we find that enlightenment must be a gradual progress (21); the leader can’t all of the sudden become enlightened; instead, this leader must have a

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