Essay about The Ideal of Marriage

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The Ideal of Marriage

In today's society most marriages have different perspectives of an ideal marriage. Some married couples are totally faithful, honest and respectful to one other, meaning the wife and the husband are together and living happy in there married life, other married couples may tend to cheat and disrespect each other, meaning that the married couple are not together or are separated may be there opinion of the ideal marriage. In the medieval period Chaucer, writes to his audience the ideal of marriage in his stories. In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales he explains the medieval way of a ideal marriage In "The Wife's and Bath's Tale" and "The Franklin's Tale" suggest there own opinion on how a ideal marriage should be.
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Her view toward sex was that she would not have sexual intercourse with her husbands unless she received money. She felt that a man must pay his debt to his wife; the sexual bonds in marriage are a contractual obligation involving sustained boil (Cigman 5 ). She married five times during all of her marriages she married in terms of lust instead of true love. She confessed to a great desire to be loved no matter what, weather she was married or unmarried. Not only did she have a desire to be loved she had a passion for dominating her husbands. Her first three husbands where good, old and rich. In her fourth marriage he irritated her by having a paramour but she evened scores with him. The wife was not at all in love of none of her husbands until she fell in love with her fifth husband. This time the husband treated her the way she should have been treated a long time ago. He talked bad about her calling her names and disrespecting her. He told her stories about loose woman and how they got what they wanted in their husbands. He beat, and pushed her around. Although he did this to her he was her favorite husband of all. She felt that she had to gain back her mastery of her lover. He was running the show and the wife did not like it at all. The difference between her husbands before was that it was easy for her to gain dominance and mastery over them. The fifth one she had to win it

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