The Ideals Of Freedom And Independence

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This paper will examine the ideals of freedom and independence that the colonists held during the American Revolution and how it would help change people’s attitudes towards slavery. “Even though many of them decried it, Southern colonists relied on slavery.” A majority of the colonists understood that slavery was a difficult issue to confront because the southern states’ economy was dependent on slavery. The slave-owners focus was to maximize their output. “Southerners’ who developed the peculiar institution were hard-bitten capitalists who sought wealth accumulation by the least expensive means.” The ante-bellum south needed the slaves to work their vast plantations, the slaveholders would not have enough workers to keep them running if they did not. During this time, they found it more important to keep the union of the colonies intact rather than to take on issue of slavery, which would produce even more problems for the colonies if there was division between them. The Founding Fathers wanted the colonies to have pride in the new nation that they were beginning to form, rather than cause a rift, because of different ideas about enslaving African-Americans. Now, the view of slaves was warped, they were only seen as a labor force, which they had developed these views from what the English thought of the black man. The book White over Black reveals the root and influence in America of racist attitudes coming from the Englishmen’s impression of “the negro before he became
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