The Ideas And Contributions Of Robert Marzano

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For my author study I have chosen to research the ideas and contributions of Robert Marzano. Marzano is a well-known expert in the field of contemporary assessment. He is known for his educational research on topics including standards-based assessment and high-yield teaching strategies. Marzano has used this research to design assessment programs that have been implemented in K-12 classrooms around the country (ASCD, 2015). He has also authored several books including Classroom Assessment and Grading That Work, which I will reference in this paper. Assessment is such a crucial component of teaching. With the changes that are occurring in the field of education as standards-based instruction is implemented, it is important to learn about effective ways of assessing students that accurately demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. Robert Marzano’s work helps to illuminate these important standards-based grading and reporting systems that teachers can use to help their students. In his article “Grades That Show What Students Know,” Marzano outlines four best practice ways of making the most of standards-based grading and reporting. The first recommendation he outlines is that teachers should get rid of the “omnibus grade.” In other words, assigning students an A or B for an assignment is far too general and doesn’t show students’ mastery of each topic covered. I agree with Marzano (2011) when he discusses the drawbacks of using a 100-point scale saying, “It tells…
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