The Ideas Of Hobbes And Locke

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Throughout this course, we have examined many different concepts and ideals. Overarching all of these were the three Big Questions: “Who am I? What can I know? Based on what I know, how should I act?” These answers to these questions can be reached in many different ways from many different points of view. The documents we examined in this course answer the questions in different ways, and many of them have helped me come to a cumulative understanding of the answers to them. As far as an answer to the first question, “Who am I?”, goes, I think that my answer will always be changing. As I learn and grow, I discover different parts of myself and develop new views on things in the world. This course helped me to examine who I am in a very different context than I have thought about myself before. In a more broad sense, examining the ideas of Hobbes and Locke helped me to look at what it means to be a human being. Of course, being a human being is a large part of my personal identity and being a part of the human race means something about who I am and what I have the potential to be. Comparing the philosophies of Hobbes and Locke and thinking about them made me realize that overall, I view the human race as a more inherently positive and good force. This follows along more closely with Locke’s philosophy, that people have a general understanding of what is right and wrong and how to act
Savoie 2 in certain situations (The Second Treatise on Government). In terms of myself
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