The Ideas Of Human Motivation And Management Essay

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The ideas of human motivation and management have been divided into two contrasting theories: Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X assumes that employees are generally unmotivated, dislike work, and require constant supervision in order to maintain productivity. Theory Y describes those employees that are happy, motivated, creative, and can work with minimal supervisory guidance. In my current managerial position I do not have subordinates. I work within a management group that reports to an area manager. My supervisor’s management style is much more in line with Theory Y. He sets the goals or verbalizes the company directives and allows us to take responsibility and do our jobs with minimal interference or direction. While this approach works well for myself, and many of my peers, I do see how some struggle with the lack of a more authoritative manager. Not all employees can thrive in an environment where they must self-manage and motivate themselves to achieve the desired results. My assumptions about my co-workers are mixed. There are some who I completely respect and know they will carry their weight on the team, but there are others who lack the desire to make work a priority and often drag the team down with their lackadaisical approach to meeting deadlines. I don’t think any workplace can be neatly wrapped in a single-theory box. Ultimately, there will always be examples of both X and Y theories present.
Positive psychology is the scientific study of what…
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