The Ideas Of Regeneration Of Time And Calendrical Rites

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The ideas of Regeneration of Time and calendrical rites are very predominately connected when looking at the Aztec. These two ideass are connected with the Five Suns creation myth and the Aztec Calendar which in themselves are connected. The idea of Regeneration of Time comes in with the creation of the 5th Sun by the Aztec gods, which later connects to the Calendric Rites. As said by Karl Taube “From the slaying of the gods at Teotihaucan, the Sun of Motion, Nahui Ollin, is created. Just as the gods had to sacrifice themselves, so humans must supply their own hearts and blood to ensure that the fifth sun continues to move in its path.” (Aztec and Maya Myths, Page 44) ; which demonstrates the regeneration and periodic purification aspect,…show more content…
The Aztec calendar consisted consisted of two aspects that when combined worked towards the 52 year cycle, which in our time is equal to a century. The first aspect was a 260 day cycle meant for counting days while the second was a 365 day cycle that was for counting years, they worked together like two wheels. The 260 day cycle is used for divination and forms an almanac which is made up of 20 groups of days with names or numbers. After going through the full 260 day cycle the calendar would be reset. The numbered and named days would also be replaced with a new combination. Each combination had their own meaning which is why the 260 day aspect was used for divination and acted as an almanac. The 365 day cycle was used for the cycle of seasonal festivals and was divided up into 18 months consisted of 20 days of the 260 day cycle. Every 365 day cycle was given a name with it’s own meaning. Depending on the combination the festivals could be directed towards a multitude of things. As said by Richard F. Townsend “As mentioned above, there was an annual cycle of 18 festivals associated with the eighteen veintena “months” of the 365-day solar year. These festivals were basically of three types: those directed to mountains and water in order to ensure rain; those directed to the earth, the sun, and maize, to ensure fertility, those directed to special deities, particularly those identified as patrons of different community groups or of the community as a whole.” (The AZTECS,

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