The Identification And Implementation Of Required Change Within An Organization

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Introduction Change can be minor or drastic, planned or unplanned, met with resistance or embraced with open arms, but regardless of the fundamental concept of change – it is inevitable. Companies that chose the path of least resistance and are fearful of change will become irrelevant faster than ever. The world around us is constantly changing from technology to the economy and in order to stay relevant and maintain a competitive advantage, change must not only occur, but be strategically implemented in order to extrapolate maximum benefit from said change. The identification and implementation of required change within an organization (NCSG) will be discussed as observed from my marketing coordinator perspective, combined with the VP of…show more content…
– a well established heavy haul, jack-and-slide, and SPMT company. Since its acquisition of Trans Tech in 1996, NCSG has acquired over 10 companies stretching from Bonnyville, Alberta to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Each acquisition has enabled NCSG to expand its fleet, customer list, and has opened the door to new markets such as wind energy in the United States. NCSG has over 20 office locations spanning across western North America from Fort McMurray to New Orleans. The corporate office for the entire company is in Acheson, Alberta where I work as a Marketing Coordinator alongside the President & CEO, CFO, CIO, VP Sales & Marketing, and Marketing Manager. The organizational hierarchy is positioned in the order mentioned above, and I personally fall under the Marketing Manager. Currently, as the sole Marketing Coordinator, I am responsible for all marketing functions of the company including the website, all social media, all tradeshows, branding, promotional materials, CRM, and advertising. Growth Strategy Due to the many strategic acquisitions since 1987, NCSG has grown to become the largest Canadian owned crane and heavy haul service provider, spanning from Fort McMurray to New Orleans, with over 800 employees and 20 branches (NCSG, 2015). This aggressive growth strategy via acquisition has positioned NCSG to not only weather the current economic slump in Alberta, but grasp market share which will ultimately pay off when the price of
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