The Identity Of A New Zealand Essay

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Maori identity in New Zealand has been aspersed negatively by mainstream media (Nairn et al., 2012., p. 39) and has created a despicable and contempt perception of their ethnicity. This will be my main focus, by referring to the ideas of Arjun Appadurai’s media and ideoscapes as a way of Maori being portrayed as menances to society because of the focus on the assumption that Maori are taking advantage of the system or are criminals, as can be seen in The New Zealand Herald, Police Ten 7 (a popular New Zealand program) and some of the latest statistics from the Department of Corrections and Quick Stats. I will attempt to justify my point of how Maori can be considered a diasporic community in New Zealand, based on the ideas of Clifford (1994) and Safran (1991) who explore the world of the forever changing definition of diaspora. My argument: That the ideas of Arjun Appadurai’s media and ideoscapes best explain how the identity of diasporic Maori has been created in New Zealand. What can we call identity? Identity has been linked to self or many selves to serve the society one is in (James, 1980, p. 294), but one theory I quite liked, was the idea that self and society help to shape one another by societal influence on one self and the outcomes of society by ones actions in response to the influence (Ashmore, & Lee, 1997, p. 191). Personally this idea resonated well with me in the attempt to define identity for Maori because it explains two things: 1. The world we live in is
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