The Identity Problem of the Bleu Vein Society

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In the story of "The wife of his youth" by Charles W. Chesnutt goes into detail about how the blacks were having problems with the society of the whites. This story was written after civil war. Where were a group of blacks who started this society called "The blue vein society". The group of people would get to together talk about how the whites could except them and for the blacks to except them would be a step back for them. The main character of the story is Mr. Ryder. He was in charge of the blue vein society, and everybody in the society look up the him. In this paper I will show how the people of the blue vein society had problems with their identities. First let me talk about the story. The main characters where Mr. Ryder,…show more content…
These are the reason why were are problems with the identity. They go out the whole story talking how good it is to be later or white, but if they think about for a second all of that had no effect. To this day there are some mix culture but there are still cultures that do not get alone and will never get alone. Yes over time the whites will expect them but it is not what they thought it would be. I hate to say this but when you think of a black person you don 't think that he or she is a doctor or lawyer. You think that white race are more like that and the blacks are more robbers and other things like that. This is why I feel that the blue vein society had an identity problem.

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