The Identity of Black Artist

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In the “Introduction” to the book, My soul’s High Song: The Collected Writings of Countee Cullen, Voice of the Harlem Renaissance, there is a sense that the Black community is at odds with the role of the Black literary(artist). On one hand , Countee Cullen the Black artist should not limit their works to racial matters. They should expand their works. Cullen wanted blacks to create a colorless works using white traditions. In the eyes of Cullen Blacks did not have good foundation in literature or in their history to redefine themselves. By embracing with tradition in their art forms Blacks will gain access to white America. Still, Cullen was fully aware of the racial prejudices in the United States. He does not however portray the all aspects of black live in his works. It tends to pick and chose the moments at will make the talented ten and whites happy. At least this is the way Wallace Thurman and Langston Hughes sees him. In the video, “Against the Odds” , there were two arguments. One Blacks artist should write, draw and create all things black and African. This perspective come with a consequent. The only people that could afford to buy black art was white. If the art was too sad, angry or black the whites would not buy it. They second arguments was that Blacks should paint and crate sculptures to be sold. Many feared that they would lose their identity. For the purposes of this paper all of this positions are correct. The Black artist is the gatekeeper to the
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