The Ideological Ambiguity Within The Media Essay

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Everyone within a society has his or her own individual concerns in life. Some people, however, are occasionally looked down more by others, depending on if their problems are seriously destructive to the society or not. An often time in doing so, these people are manipulated into a dominant ideology which represents arguments about whether things are of optimistic or pessimistic standards in our civilization. This set of central principles, ideology, produces particular manners and offer ethical regulations by which one’s dealings can be evaluated. In fact, the media production business appears to be the focal resource that utilizes the governing beliefs by constructing imaginary medium contacts, appealing to massive audiences to reflect…show more content…
The article “The White of Their Eyes: Racist Ideologies and the Media,” written by Stuart Hall, Hall brings an attention to the perception of ideological ambiguity though discovering the typical mass media’s function of establishing racial inequities, such as that the community accepts differential behaviors of people within the society as common sense. He first starts on describing ideology as a term that does not consist of individual thoughts, yet assembly of different basics that direct to a certain judgment or perception. As said by Hall, the representation of race in the mass media builds the positive and negative consequences of ideology by manufacturing and transforming the ideologies. This ideological ambiguity is often shaped when the mass media puts up a meaning of what race is for the audiences, what significance the images of race conveys, and how the issue of race is supposed to be recognized. In a straightforward phrase, mass media organizes our world as regards to racial groups; placing people into categories based upon their physical appearances and defined concepts that have been generally raised after a while. On the other hand, what is really striking about Hall’s argument on the ideological ambiguity is that the importance of these conventional ideas of race cannot be compared with the ground-breaking portrays of traditional form of race for which context is more appreciated or not in

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