The Ideologies Of His Works Essay

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The Ideologies in His Works Prague was exposed to Jewish learning and writing during the 1900s, until the social and political turmoil of the collapsing Austrian Empire. The collapse led Prague to be under Czechoslovakia, who led Prague to be dictated by Nazi, Germany. Prague was later overtaken by communists ,who seized power and brought harsh repression and decline to Prague. Kafka’s lack of confidence and fear caused him to not voice his ideologies on the Slavic culture, Jewish existence, and bureaucratic system ; however, he still managed to mirror his perceptions of his society in his works. Kafka was born on July 3,1883 and raised in Prague, Bohemia. In the 1900s, societies structured their family through the patriarchal system. Franz Kafka was the first born of six children, consequently, forcing him to shoulder most of the responsibilities and discipline that come with being an eldest child. Kafka’s father in patriarchal view was the dominant leader in the household. This structure left the rest of the household at the bottom of the family. The main character, Gregor, suffers from his family’s oppression and refuses to address his father 's aggression. Kafka connects his responses towards his father through the killing of Gregor. Kafka never had the confidence and bravery to stand up to his father, and ultimately led Kafka to not think for himself and become internally dead. Gregor continues to become passive and weak as the father continued to rule his
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